When does house and cuddy start dating

The character is partly inspired by Sherlock Holmes. Wish it didn't end, but it was at the right time and place — before it had dragged on too long, but long enough to leave me satisfied: Cuddy is sure that her supervisory role over House is either going to poison their relationship or ruin House's medical skills, and she's uncomfortable with many aspects of House's past, such as the prostitute he's still seeing for non-sexual purposes. March 19, As Cuddy had misgivings about House meeting her mother for a long time and how her mother hid an affair she was having for the past five years. She often felt her mother treated her more harshly than her younger sister, but later came to believe that her mother only pushed her knowing that she was capable of great things.

It's an attraction between two highly intelligent workaholics, two people too interesting for anyone else but ultimately unfit for each other—no matter how pathetically we'd like it to be otherwise.

Gregory House

When House goes through an extremely painful withdrawal from Vicodin in " Under My Skin " Cuddy is there to assist him throughout the process. Ciao House ci hai accompagnato per 8 annici mancherai ma sarai sempre ricordato come il M. May 24, at 5: Gand I did miss Cuddy! I enjoy a fine reisling personally! A 'hammered' Sheen goes to Taco Bell.


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